About Me

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I am Data Scientist at GitHub working to make the world’s largest software development platform better by leveraging our unique data to drive product and business decisions. I am obsessed with understanding users through data and effectively communicating and coordinating with other teams to solve pain points and delight through features.

Some of the most relevant work I’ve done here is building the company's A/B testing framework, process and reporting from the ground up, supporting the design and product teams for growth and pricing, and engineering the canonical model for conversion and financial reporting.

In my previous roles at Salesforce and Gap I had the opportunity to work with a diverse set of teams and data sets ranging from sales, marketing and ads, to customer support. I enjoyed the different set of challenges that each posed in order to deliver actionable insights and product direction.

I’m a passionate advocate for underrepresented minorities and women, I shaped and led the founding of GitHub’s Latinx ERG which set a precedent for other ERGs to consolidate thereafter. Through my ERG work I’ve managed and coordinated multiple D&I projects, events and conference sponsorships, including the first PyCon LatAm.


Gabriela Alessio

Work Process


Research and Understand

I start with a question tied to a user or business need, I decompose it into what I know about it, what I need to know about it, why these data points are important and what they'll inform once I gather the knowledge.


Plan and Develop

I break down the ask into milestones, subtasks and deliverables and map them to a project tracker. I communicate with stakeholders, organize my team and get to it. I have found that integrating design thinking and recurrent stakeholder feedback allows me to deliver on time and with the highest quality.



Communication and education on finished product are key! I deliver by telling the entire story from question and pain point to solution and shipped product in a relatable way, along with instruction and examples on how to use it and leverage the work.